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The Oriental Gift Shop

Want the perfect, exotic gift for your home? Looking for the ideal souvenir from your trip to Barstow Station? Stop in to The Oriental Gift Shop and grab something truly special!

Specializing in the most amazing Asian gifts, The Oriental Gift Shop is anything but ordinary. Owner Jimmy Cho has been peddling his extraordinary items since 1976, and his collection of treasures from the Far East entices and delights all types of visitors to the Station!

Grab some good luck with a big round Buddah statue. Dawn the latest custom t-shirts with beautiful Chinese characters. Or, try on some of the Oriental Gift Shop’s best jade and jet jewelry as a gift for you or a loved one! Whatever, you’re searching for, The Oriental Gift Shop has the fun, exciting offers that you want for your collection.

How popular is The Oriental Gift Shop? It is one of the only stores that traffics in Far East merchandise between Las Vegas and LA! Barstow Station gets millions of visitors every weekend, and we see much of the major foot traffic heading right through their doors. They are a true, fun original, and offer a little something for everyone’s tastes.

For more information about The Oriental Gift Shop, Barstow Station, or owner Jimmy Cho, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 760-979-6618