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McDonald’s. “I’m loving it!”

That’s their motto and it will be yours too when you visit their location inside Barstow Station. This beloved fast food franchise was actually the first building to go up, right where The Station is now, in the early 1960’s. Today, they serve millions of travelers passing through on their way to the coast, or Las Vegas, with their tasty burgers, McNuggets, fries, and more.

McDonald’s History:

McDonald’s has been serving fast food to patrons since 1955. Over the decades, they have delighted billions and billions of people all over the world with their special brands of quick, easy, affordable, delicious fare. They have not only managed to live their history along the way, but also create it with iconic moments like the first drive through restaurants, the first Chicken McNugget, The Ronald McDonald Foundation, college tuition assistance through Hamburger U, and so much more. Today, they carry on that rich tradition of fine food and service, and invite you to part of it.

McDonald’s Values:

McDonald’s offers their employees a chance to grow, and be successful at all stages of the business. Through their restaurant hierarchy, they have trained everyone who has walked through their doors to appreciate and grasp opportunities for advancement, and opportunities to make the world a better place. McDonald’s is committed to doing the right thing and they start with their own business.

From sustainability to community outreach and environmental protections, McDonald’s is doing its part to be larger than just retail fast food. They use their policies, practices, and principles to do what is best for all and make the world better, overall.

For more information about Barstow Station, McDonald’s, or to learn more about our history, please call one of our staff members at 760-256-0812.