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Jed's Jerky

If you haven’t tried Jed’s Jerky, you’ve been missing out! This premium salty snack has been a favorite with millions of their customers for decades. Now, they want you to sample some from their Barstow Station store!

What is jerky you ask? Why, only the best salted meat snack in existence! Cowboy (beef) jerky, turkey jerky, wild game jerky, award-winning sweet and spicy brisket, ghost pepper and habanero jerky - the list of their amazing offers goes on and on! Jed’s also offers special flavors of game jerky like buffalo, wild boar and venison!

Did we mention the no-sugar added beef jerky? Well, that’s there too!

Jed’s is one of the leaders of jerky on the West Coast, and they are always bringing the heat with the most fun and exciting tastes and combinations. Whether you’re into the standard teriyaki experience, seeking the heat from its hot and spicy cousin, or keeping it mellow with some sweet and tangy BBQ, Jedidiah’s jerkies are all just oh so tasty! Best of all, jerky makes the best snack on the road, and stays fresh for just about forever, so there’s never a need to worry.

Experience Jed’s Jerky for yourself when you come to Barstow Station! They’re Jed’s Jerky, and they’re the best at what they do.

Exotic Teas & Other Snacks:

Jed’s Jerky offers exotic teas, too! For green tea lovers, they’ve got Acai Raspberry, Passion Fruit, and Tropical Paradise. For black tea lovers, there’s the ever popular Blood Orange, Chai, and a wide variety of others! And, don't forget to try the gourmet olives, and vegetables. Who doesn't love Jalapeno-stuffed olives and hot and spicy garlic cloves? If they’re out there, we haven’t met them.  

For more information about us, or this history of how they got here, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 760-256-3355. We look forward to seeing you at Barstow Station and Jed’s Jerky, a great family destination located by the west entrance!