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Not only is Barstow Station an iconic landmark, smack in the middle of the desert, it is an engineering marvel! 16 train cars were strung together during the original construction of the station in the 1960’s and 70’s. Then, another building was snugged up next to them before all was said and done. The main floor building that is now Barstow Station opened on July 10, 1976. And there it has remained, just waiting for you.

But let’s go back to a high-stakes card game between some friends in the swinging sixties, and see how the Barstow Station was born. Legend has it, Fred Rosenberg (the founder of Barstow Station), Ray Kroc (one of the fathers of McDonald’s), and Jim Williams (President of Golden Gate Foods) were sitting at the table. Rosenberg, also a professional gambler, exclaimed “Ray, I’ll bet you your next big restaurant spot that my hand is better…” “Show em.” What happened next is history.

Whether won or purchased later on, Fred Rosenberg came into possession of a lonely McDonald’s in the middle of the desert town of Barstow, CA. A man of vision, Fred quickly transformed the singular eatery into something more by bringing in the best dining trains from across the country on some lonely old tracks. From them, he welded a future of steel, commerce, and ingenuity. Over the weeks and months that followed, many local contractors built Rosenberg’s vision, and Barstow Station celebrated their grand opening on July 10, 1975!

Today, after almost 40 years, Barstow Station still resides with the Rosenberg family. The two brothers run the day-to-day operations and ensure that everyone who comes to Barstow Station has an unforgettable experience.

For more information about Barstow Station, or to learn more about our history, please call one of our staff members at 760-256-0366.