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On the way to LA, there is only one stop to make. Heading to Las Vegas? Don’t miss our desert oasis! We’re talking about one of Barstow, CA’s biggest attractions - Barstow Station!

Since the early 1960’s, thousands of travelers have been coming here to experience Barstow Station’s eclectic excitement. As the set of apocalyptic movie scenes, a hot spot on the fabled Route 66, and a frequent stop for celebrities, our not-so-tiny rest stop under the warm desert sun attracts countless visitors every single weekend!

Students, spring breakers, and international travelers alike all get in on the fun. Elderly gamblers, cross country ramblers, families heading to Magic Mountain and Disneyland – everyone stops in and take advantage of our air-conditioned hospitality. Here, you can grab some great food, see some interesting people, and stock up on supplies before hitting the road. Barstow Station is home to more than 16 different vendors, including well-known names like McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Panda Express, and more.

Best of all, we have WiFi, clean and inviting drivers’ lounges, a liquor store, and some of the most spotless bathrooms this side of the Pacific! Looking for lotto tickets? Our family-owned fun spot is the 4th largest seller in the state of California. We’ve even made some millionaires!

So if you’re ever flying down the I-15 or I-247, we invite you to come in and experience Barstow Station for yourself! Alternatively, you can reach one of our helpful staff members at 760-256-0366 for more information.

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