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Why go through InaTux? We provide the same quality service that others currently enjoy in the Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computer markets, which is: Most people don't install Windows or Mac OS X themselves, they buy a computer and it has what they want pre-installed. Why should this be any different for Free and Open Source Software users?

Our goal is to liberate computer users with an inexpensive service of installing any Free and Open Source Software operating system (such as GNU/Linux) on every computer system we sell. Because buying a new computer then installing your favorite operating system, takes more time; especially if you don't know how to install it. When you buy your new computer through InaTux, it's quicker, easier and more convenient, because we make it all happen at once.

GNU/Linux distributions, BSD variants, Haiku, OpenSolaris, and any other Free Software operating systems are all available. And you receive the latest and greatest, because all operating systems we offer to install are of the latest stable releases (except where stated otherwise) and have all the latest stable releases of all included software. All payments are done through PayPal, you don't need a PayPal account to pay and you may use a credit card. With PayPal your information is safe, and the process is easy!

What is GNU/Linux? GNU/Linux is an operating system comprised of Free and Open Source software. Essentially the GNU Operating System announced in 1983 by Richard Stallman, except it substitutes GNU's kernel "Hurd" with the Linux kernel, created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. GNU/Linux consists primarily of tools developed by the GNU Project, and Linux. Thus the name. Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, RedHat and -- excluding Android -- generally all operating systems where "Linux" is mentioned (such as in the name) are in actuality simply variations of the GNU Operating System using the Linux kernel.

GNU/Linux is Free Software! Developed using the Open Source method, where software source code (think of this as the recipe of an application) is made publicly available. Hundreds of thousands of people from hobbyists to corporations, and even governments, are able to change and improve the software. Benefits of this kind of technological freedom and social cooperation are typically: better performance, better security, more reliability, and faster development.

Simply put, GNU/Linux is easy to use, customize, add-on, update, modify, share, and install on an unlimited number of different computer systems. Plus software updates, upgrades, and thousands of applications are all free of cost!

Companies like Microsoft and Apple are never going to deliver this kind of experience. Microsoft and Apple are diametrically positioned on this issue, they see the computer as something that they should control, and by extension use to control you and your habits. GNU/Linux is superior, free, an absolutely entertaining method of operating your computer, and within reach and through InaTux you are more easily able to grasp it.

Fully Free Software Compatible: We here at InaTux are proudly working in cooperation with the Free Software Foundation to offer systems that come with free operating systems pre-installed and fully compatible hardware, you don't have to research any components or risk getting something wrong, it works, right when you plug it in and boot it up. A portion of our sales goes to the Free Software Foundation to further support Free Software. Order a Fully Free Software System >>

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